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Living Green Affordably

By brian barrick
April 19, 2012

It used to be commonly thought that “living green” meant spending more – buying organic foods, replacing appliances with those that save energy.  Now, with the environment being one of the biggest concerns (along with everything else!) it’s becoming a better choice to choose a greener lifestyle.  In the long run, the price may be just right to “go green.”  Here are some tips to help you head in that direction.  And if you need more ideas, the Internet is full of all kinds of information.

Start From Scratch.  Think about making things from ‘scratch.’  Do what your grandmother did (I know, she didn’t work outside the house), and start a pot of soup that will last a couple of meals, and put some in the freezer for lunches.  Crock pots are wonderful inventions!  If you have small children, read the story of “Stone Soup,” and see what happens.  Learn to knit or crochet.  Even high school kids are starting to relearn these crafts.

Stop Your House From Leaking.  Nothing is gained by heating or cooling the outside.  Check all the weather-stripping around windows and doors.  You can use a candle or a feather to check around frames if need be – usually just holding your hand out will let you know if there is a draft.  Use rolled up rugs if need be at the bottom of doors.

Power Strips.  Spend a little more and get the surge protected strips.  Individually plugged in appliances use electricity even when they are off.    Plug small kitchen appliances in only when needed or plug them into a power strip and turn the whole thing off when they’re not in use.  Do you need the clock on the microwave or the coffeepot?  If you have a clock on the stove, isn’t that enough?  Your computer is also an energy user even when you shut down.  Plug your PC, printer, modem,  other peripherals into a strip and then turn it off when not in use.

Clean On The Cheap.  Make your own cleaning products.  There are a number of internet web sites that have recipes for creating earth friendly concoctions to clean with.  And vinegar and newspaper still works just fine for cleaning windows.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs.  These are constantly being improved , and are proving to be a good investment.  Plus the price is coming down so the initial cost is not so inhibiting.  And more shapes are showing up on store shelves so they can be used in more places.

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