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Keep your Team Happy and Motivated

By brian barrick
July 25, 2012

Businesses across the United States are losing money every day sue to disengaged employees.  It’s a a surprisingly $300 billion annually. There are tactics to keep employees motivated and to keep them loving there job, but the key lies in a strong, positive, and adaptive company culture.Company culture does not only save you money in the long run, but it helps to provide a base for employee values and how they are expected to act in a business setting, all you need is workforce and TEAM dynamics.

So, you want to start this “culture change”, now where do you start? Well, like everything, you need to  build off of what you already have. By re-examining the facility’s core values and mission and vision statements and editing them (if needed), you can organize a common goal for your team. Like anywhere in life, you need to have the management team lead by example.

Studies by the Saratoga Institute show that nearly one in three newly hired employees leaves (voluntarily or involuntarily) before the end of her/his first year which costs companies an estimated 50-150 percent of the positions annual salaries. To avoid this kind of loss your management team needs to focus on the interview process. Employers must look for a balance between the skills you need to be fulfilled for the position and how that person will co-exist with the team. Another thing to consider for the application process is to reevaluate job ads. Do they emulate your facility’s values? During the interview try to uncover behavior, and create interview questions that bring out values and characteristics that could be helpful or if they could hurt your facility and the team.  Consider asking an employee to help with the interview, this will ease the stress of the candidate and will help to get the team involved in finding a new member.

Are your employees proud to  be part of your facility? A happy employee will not only help eluminate the office morale, but it will help with retention. If your employees are doing a great job and you want to get the team together, consider instituting weekly or monthly lunches, and talk to your team about other team building activities they could do together. If your employee feels important to your facility, it wil show in there work ethic. To show your employee that you appreciate there hard work, consider putting them in your newsletter, or giving them extra paid days off. By adding all of these team building tactics to your facility, you can make a happier work environment and save money for your facility.

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