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Keep Your Residents Active

By brian barrick
February 12, 2013

Everyone loves to be independent and want to do things on their own, but as one grows older, one sometimes needs assistance to go on with one’s life.

An assisted living facility, is a place which cares for the elderly, with or without, disabilities. These places provide assistance with ‘Activities of Daily Living’ and thereby ensure well being, health and safety of the seniors and other residents.

Any assisted living facility, be it home care, gated community, or a nursing home,  are well taken care of, by trained staff, for their day to day needs, but the most important thing that the residents need and need to know and feel, is that, they are not alone. The residents are wanted, and are a part of the community, and most importantly, should not be allowed to fall into depression.

It is important to keep them as active as they can be and one way is to make them participate in the various social activities, being conducted in-house and in the local community. The way to ensure their participation is to keep them informed of the upcoming activities by means of a newsletter, announcement on the notice board, or better still by an email or an E-Newsletters blast. Send the email to their relatives as well; requesting them to volunteer and participate in these activities, for what greater joy is there than doing things along with loved ones.

These seniors living in assisted living facility are in good health and are able bodied. They still have their talents, so make them feel special, by asking them to volunteer and teach others; be it baking, arts and crafts, playing board games, dancing, or even outdoor sports, like golf and swimming. Get them to help out in the local library, or at events for Veterans Day, Halloween, or the December festivities, etc. The more active they are and the more cared for they feel, the less care they will need from others. Yes care givers, give them all the care they need, with their day to day living but importantly, keep them actively occupied, and make them feel wanted and loved is an important task of the assisted living facility.

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