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Intuition & Discipline of Adult Care Home Risk Management

By brian barrick
January 10, 2012

As you probably know, risk managers work to decrease the uncertainty that something will go wrong in Adult Care Homes. The most common method for risk management includes monotonous steps and calculations, but isn’t there more to it? A quantitative two-step approach involves analyzing risks and evaluating the severity and likelihood for yourAdult Care Home while figuring out how to deal with the high risks through learned skills.

Try to take the time to become aware of the nature of the risk itself before jumping into the step-by-step risk management process. By understanding the facility and its risks your intuition will be jump-started, therefore your risk management skills will improve.  Just like the step-by-step procedure provided a base knowledge, we must be taught how to walk before we have the intuition to jump over obstacles in front of us.

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