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Insurance Solutions for Adult Family Homes

By Heather Brown
September 23, 2014

Spokane, Washington – May 4, 2011 – Personal Care & Assisted Living Insurance Center (PCALIC), which was launched with a focus on assisting and protecting adult residential care facilities across the US, has introduced two exclusive and innovative insurance programs – The Guardian Adult Family Home Insurance Program and the Guardian ALH Insurance Program – for Washington and Arizona respectively.

The products shall be promoted by the PCALIC Partner Agencies at the upcoming WSRCC Annual Spring Conference 2011 – “Quest for excellence” – distributed by BanCorp Insurance and Libke Insurance Group at the opulent Northern Quest Resort and Casino in Spokane on May 12th to 13th, where numerous adult Family Homes shall gather to learn new and innovative business practices while making valuable and meaningful associations with the various vendors, colleagues and contemporaries.

PCALIC was launched in order to facilitate various adult residential care facilities with affordable insurance and easy to implement risk management solutions. The organization specializes in the adult care industry and comprehends the daily operations of a functional adult residential care home.

Upon association with PCALIC, Carolyn Peoples from the Jeremiah Housing, Inc., one of the many clients, stated, “I want to take this opportunity to thank PCALIC for permitting small Assisted Living Facilities like ours to compete in an industry that seems to cater to large corporations with large budgets. It’s good to know that there is an organization out there that looks out for the ‘little guy’.

Brian Barrick, President of PCALIC remarks “Our mission – to serve only small to midsized adult residential care communities – has not changed, we have simply leveraged the market to be able to offer alternative options for risks that are better than average. We strongly believe that Adult Family Homes and Assisted Living Homes belonging to, and functional, in their state association are relatively more aware and risk conscious than non-members. We have always worked with the smaller adult residential care houses to minimize risk and maintain competitive pricing, and will continue to do so”.

The costs of living are increasing and so are the costs of sustainability, maintenance and safety. The costs to operate an Adult family home or ALH continue to increase far beyond any increases in the relative income. In such a situation, the smaller adult residential care communities needs to reduce their expenses in order to sustain, let alone do well. Through the New Guardian AFH Insurance Program and the Guardian ALH Program, the PCALIC team are able to not only offer discount pricing for the homes that are members of their state association, but tools to minimize losses specifically for the smaller adult residential care setting, ultimately reducing time, stress and money.

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