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Incident Reports

By brian barrick
March 12, 2013

According to the health and safety authority, all incidents that occur in a work situation such an assisted home living should be reported. This applies regardless of whether it is a fatal incident, or when it is very minor. Reporting of an incident varies in the recording procedures, however any form of recording that you choose to use, it is required that you fulfill the entire legal obligations of the health and safety authority.

In assisted living home insurance, what should be reported is mainly about the real impact of the incident and the after math. For instance, if the incident caused a fatal injury, the report should be done with an immediate effect which is best done via the telephone. A documented report should also follow in a few days, in most cases your assisted living home insurance will advice you on how to fill the report and if the incident is even reportable.

An incident report is required to have all the names and contact information of the injured and the witness and you as the reporter. Most importantly, you are required to put down a detailed description of the accident, include what led up to the incident and what was done after to help the victim. Finally, in the report you are also required to come up with suggestions that will prevent the occurrence of the same incident in future. Your assisted home living insurance will in most cases want a copy of this report, it is however advisable to keep one on record for your institution for future reference. To sum it all up, both the safety and health authority and the assisted home living require you to report everything that happens in the event of an incident occurrence

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