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Important Guidelines for Employee Termination

By brian barrick
November 13, 2012

There are several guidelines that you should follow when you are having to terminate an employee at an assisted living facility.  The first guideline is that you need to have documented reasons why you are firing this employee.  This is because if you do not provide a sufficient enough reason for firing this person, then they can press charges against you & your assited living facility, if they feel like they were terminated for the wrong reason. As an employer, you cannot fire someone based on their race, color, sexual preference, religion, disability, or age based on some federal and state laws.

The second guideline to follow when you are terminating an employee from an assisted living facility is that you are going to have some type of documentation that is going to have the reason that you are firing the employee on it.  You are even going to need this documentation if you are laying a person off.  This is especially true if a person is being accused of misconduct.  You should have the employee sign the documentation saying that they understand the reasons that they were being terminated.  The main components include the name of the employee, their title, the date that they were hired, the date of the event that caused you to fire them, and their social security number.

The third guideline to follow is that you are going to need to have a witness in the same room with you when you are explaining the reasons for termination.  Most of the time, this is going to be somebody that is a member of management or co-owner for your facility.  This is because you never know how an employee is going to handle the situation when they are being fired from your company.  Plus the witness is going to be able to explain in detail the facts of the meeting in this process in case this person does decide to sue you.

The fourth guideline to follow when you are firing an employee from an assisted living facility is to make sure that you choose the appropriate time and place to terminate the employee.  This is going to be out of respect for the employee.  Therefore, you are going to need to choose a place in the facility that is going to be very private so that no one else who works at the facility sees the termination.
The fifth guideline to follow when you are firing an employee from an assisted living facility is to make sure that you remain firm and stick to the facts. It is essential that the same guidelines and practices are followed for all employees of your assisted living facility.

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