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Implement Successful Fire Drills

By brian barrick
March 06, 2013

Would you like to wait until you have several claims on your neck about people injured in a fire before you conduct fire drills? If you answer is no, there are several things that you should consider in ensuring that your assisted living facility is prepared for fire hazards hence minimizing on the possibility of people getting hurt or in case they are hurt you will have some fighting ground during a lawsuit courtesy of the fire drills.

Successful fire drills have to serve the purpose of evacuating all people from a building in the shortest time possible without any collateral damages. The steps taken in the drill should have in mind the agility of the people you expect to be in your building at any given time and the overall layout of the building. This means that the drill should work to plug loopholes that can form hazards in the evacuation process.

In an assisted living facility, you have to know that your building occupants cannot jump over railing or move down steep fire escapes rapidly. The best solution to this is teaching them the simplest route out of the building and to safety. A successful fire drill will have to cement on what the previous one taught without introducing any new and confusing maneuvers into the whole procedure.

You have to understand that you are dealing with individuals who might have rigidity tendencies to things that do not make sense. In devising a drill for such facilities, you should look for procedures that give the building occupants the illusion of moving to a safer location. A drill that demands that they move into the building other than out will be a hard thing to actualize.

In all fire drills, the success comes from the element of surprise. Ensure that your fire drill comes at times when least expected and vary the scenarios. By exposing building occupants to different scenarios while least expected, you make them remain on the lookout for fire alarms and know what to do regardless of where they are when the alarm goes off.

Finally, the best thing you can do in the implementation of a successful fire drill in your assisted living facility is by explaining each step in the whole procedure. Try to make the building occupants understand why every move will help save their life. An informed group will be more obedient.

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