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How to Work with New Families & Residents

By brian barrick
January 23, 2014

Moving into an adult care facility can be an emotional time for everyone involved, whether family of the resident or the actual resident. It is important for an adult family home to be prepared and educated on how to work with new residents and their family.

Putting Them at Ease

It’s essential to put their minds to rest before proceeding, as they need to feel comfortable with the choices made. To do this you must first assess the situation in hand and see what’s best for your resident. Find out what their requirements are and if they have any personal tastes you can easily accommodate.

Personalizing the whole experience is important for them, as it’s essential they feel at home. Getting the balance between professionalism and a relaxed informal attitude is your best course of action. You want to show them you know what you’re doing and that you’re fully qualified to do so, but you also want to make sure that the transition isn’t too cold and sterile for them.

Keeping Them Informed

Don’t keep your residents or their families out of the loop when it comes to working with them and their place in an adult family home. You need to have total transparency at all times in order to put them totally at ease. This should be done before you do anything else as it will help to establish a bond of trust between you and them, which could prove to be invaluable as time goes on.

With their trust gained you should be able to provide them with a more comprehensive and sufficient care service. If they have confidence in you then you will have confidence in yourself and what you’re offering. This will then allow you to build a strong reputation with a solid foundation based upon quality and respect.

Where to Next?

The relationship between you and the families of those you’re caring for is important, as you must ensure it remains strong.

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