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How to Start an Adult Family Care Home in Florida

By brian barrick
September 24, 2013

Starting an adult family care home in Florida is an honorable task. It’s not easy to care for low-income adult persons, and provide them with what they need from a meager fund that you receive. Don’t even consider it as a big time business because it’s not. If you’re all out for a clean business that focuses more on charity for old folks, then, this business is for you.

What you need to know in starting an Adult Family Care Home in Florida

  • Contact your local county DOSS or Department of Social Services c/o Adult Services Section to start the licensing process.
  • They will give you all the information on how to go about it, and furnish you with the forms necessary to be completed. The forms will then be forwarded to the DOH or Department of Health for further action.
  • The DOH will send an inspector to your location, and inspect your facilities based on the guidelines stated in the FAC or Florida Administrative Code.
  • The DOH will not require a license for state group care program, but they will require an annual inspection of your site.
  • Regarding county inspection fees and permit requirements, you can check with your local county.

Why DOH inspection is important

A site inspection conducted by the DOH ensures that all the sanitary health and safety guidelines are being practiced. These include construction, operation, and maintenance practices among the residents, staff, and visitors to your adult family care home. The aim of this process is to prevent or eliminate the hazard of transmitting diseases, injuries, or bodily harm among the people residing in your home.

Some of the facilities inspected by the environmental health inspector include housekeeping, lighting, water supply, sanitary facilities, bedding, waste disposal, housing, toilets and kitchen equipment. The inspector will check all the facilities to ensure that they are properly maintained.

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  1. Hi Todd, I’m glad you found this article helpful. When you open your residential care home in Florida, give us a call at (80)673-2558.

  2. Hi my name is Sharlene and I am interested to do a business adult family Home Care and I want to know what are the first steps and we’re need to go or do my first applicationwhich I know the website but how I get to fill it up can I get this through mail I need help help help this is my passion

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