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How to set up a Simple Easter Egg Hunt for Residents

By brian barrick
March 29, 2013

Easter is right around the corner and it is a time for people to get together and have fun as they enjoy the season. If you own an adult care facility you must be wondering which activities for residents you can plan to make it special for them. You might not be able to afford something huge and extravagant, but that does not mean you allow the season to pass the residents by just like that.

An easy and cost effective thing you can do would be to organize an Easter egg hunt. It does not take much and if done properly is guaranteed to give the residents a wonderful time. The following tips should help you organize one.

1.       The eggs

Visit your local store and buy artificial eggs which can be opened to place something inside. These would be a cool location for the clues in the hunt, or even for putting some candy as little treats for the residents in the course of the hunt. At the end of the hunt, place a basket filled with eggs that have candy in them and treats for the winner.

2.       The clues

Create little clues made of colorful cards cut out in the shape of half-eggs. You could opt for any of two options; hide the cards and whoever finds a card is directly led to where the Easter treats are hidden or make it a bit more fun by having each card contain a clue that will lead to the discovery of the next clue until the treasure is eventually found. Hide the clues inside the artificial eggs to make it more exciting so that with each egg a person finds they get another clue.

Other creative activities for residents that you could plan include assigning each resident an Easter basket and placing them in a central location of the facility. Have each basket tied with a long string leading from it to the owner’s room. If you do this well you should wind up with a sort of web of strings, each leading to a different room and a different basket. Do this at night is while the residents are asleep so that when they wake up they have a lot of fun, each trying to locate his basket.

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