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How to Properly Close Your Adult Family Home

By brian barrick
October 29, 2013

There are many reasons why you might decide the time is right to close your adult family home. The problem is that you can’t simply close the doors and walk away. There are legal responsibilities involved and if you you don’t get the closing process right then you may find yourself in a lot more trouble than you had expected.

Here are five things that you really need to do before you can finally close your adult family home.

Notify the families

It is important that you notify the families of those living there. They will need to make alternative arrangements for the care of their loved ones and this may well take some time to sort out.

Notify your employees

You have to tell any staff that you employ that you are closing. You have legal obligations to ensure that you employees are informed that their employment will be coming to an end. There are procedures that all employers need to follow.

Notify the State

You must tell the state that you will no longer be operating an adult family home. You don’t want to be left dealing with government agencies, or queries about your home after you have stopped operating so you need to tell them now.

Arrange storage for the medical records

With any family home there will be plenty of paperwork generated. In particular there are going to be medical records left behind at closure time. These are confidential documents and will need to be stored properly. They cannot simply be destroyed or given away. You will need to arrange somewhere to store them.


Dispose of anything potentially dangerous

You must arrange for the safe remove and disposal of any hazardous substances, either chemical or medical from your adult family home. Anything left on the site is your responsibility until the building is sold so take away now anything that may cause you problems later.


If you follow these five steps then you should be able to close your home safely and with the minimum of problems to everyone.

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