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How to Prevent Wandering in Adult Family Homes

By brian barrick
July 05, 2013

Many people who reside at an adult family home suffer from wandering.  Wandering from an adult family home can be extremely dangerous. There are some important signs that a person may exhibit if they are wandering. If a person makes repetitive movements, has trouble locating common places, asks about where their family is at, or appears to be lost, those are all indicators of potential wandering.

There are a few tips that you can adhere to that can prevent wandering in adult family homes. For starters, analyze the times that wandering is most likely to occur, and try to schedule some activities during that time or keep individual activities available in rooms and other open areas. Be sure to provide care and make sure that a person has their basic needs met. In regards to nightly hours, make sure that the person has restricted fluids at least a couple of hours before they go to sleep. They should have an opportunity to use the bathroom. There should also be night lights available in case of an emergency.

Each door of the facility must not only have its individual lock and release, but should be on closed circuit television. Views of all hallways and delivery areas must be included.  Alarms are available  that  illuminate a monitor screen if a resident moves from one location to another.  Activated by motion sensors fastened on the patient, a screen shows the location and apparent destination in the resident’s movement, and a small alarm gets the staff’s immediate reaction.


Cabinets, drawers and places  the resident might naturally try to access personal belongings or community supplies should be well lighted and triggered with a similar motion sensor. The alerts the adult family care home  that the resident is getting  clothes or other supplies and give them the heads up that the patient is up and about.

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