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How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents of seniors in the Living Areas

By brian barrick
August 13, 2013


If you care for a senior citizen, one of the most important safety concerns you will need to address will be slip and fall prevention in your home. A little bit of prior planning and accident prevention can help ward off injuries that can be huge threats to the health of an elderly person.

What to Know About Home Accidents

  • Most of these accidents occur in the bathroom
  • The kitchen can also be a source of threats
  • Most areas of the home can be made more accessible 
  • Millions of seniors are injured each year, and some of these injuries are grave.

Slip And Fall Prevention for Senior Citizens in the Home

The bathroom is usually the first room you should evaluate. Typical bathrooms contain a lot of slippery and hard surfaces. In addition, a little water on the floor can present a real hazard. The addition of hand rails in the bathtub and shower area can help elderly people navigate those areas. A few bathroom rugs can help make certain that a little spilled water from the shower does not turn into a major threat too.

Spills can also be a hazard in the kitchen. So can trying to bend over or reach up for items stored in the pantry or cupboards. Try to make sure that commonly used items are within easy reach and instruct the elderly person to wait for help if she needs to bend over or reach up. You might also place a nonstick rug in front of the sink and make sure any spills are cleaned up promptly.

Scan the entire house for any common problems. This might include tangles of cords or even low furniture that can be missed by a person with poor vision. If the elderly person who lives with you does complain about any difficulties, be sure and listen so you can take preventative action before an accident happens.

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