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How to Market Your Community to Prospects

By Heather Brown
December 03, 2014

In tough economic times, competition for residents becomes more intense as senior living communities chase fewer qualified prospects. The knee jerk reaction in such difficult times is often to reduce prices to try to attract residents. This is a strategy with problems. .

In order to attract and convert qualified prospects, senior living communities must provide compelling market differentiation. A feat that is easier said than done. Here are three successful strategies that some innovative communities use to provide market differentiation and value: .

  1. Recent research indicates a strong correlation between a senior’s level of activity and engagement and their overall health and satisfaction. Rather than adding new services or investing in capital projects, smart communities focus on encouraging residents to take advantage of existing activities.
  2. Typical prospects need 7-8 touches before becoming a resident. Innovative communities regularly communicate with prospects about events at the community that match their interests.
  3. Sales visits are the ideal time to demonstrate to prospective residents and their families your commitment to keeping the senior healthy and vibrant through active engagement in community activities.

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