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How to Implement a Successful Fall Prevention Program

By brian barrick
April 29, 2013

Falls are a great danger to any person because of the consequences they have. Falling puts one’s life in danger of getting scratches, fractures, breaking an arm or leg, and even in worse situations death. It is worse when this happen to a person who is already unwell.

Falls Prevention Programs are useful to you in that they can minimize the incidences of falls by a great percentage. These programs are normally offered to patients in hospitals since they are a vulnerable group of people due to their week bodies. The details on how to implement a successful fall prevention program will be of great importance to you. In this case then, you will need to know the various factors to consider when implementing the program. You must outline the various components and setbacks established.

Most important is to establish which groups of people are at risk. Assessing the risk will require you to consider patients who have just been admitted, those who are not responding well to medicine and when and where a fall occurs. This will help you make informed choices. This is an important step because you might find out that some falls are because of the floor: which you will just have changed. Some stairs might also need to be changed into ramps, which will allow patients to use wheel chairs instead of walking up the stairs.

Second, you will also need to select the staff that will work with you and for you. Then divide them into specific groups that will deal with various departments. You then should make them aware of their duties and responsibilities. Help the staff to know how to hold patients and the time to administer specific drugs. They should also be made aware that they be available for the patients throughout.

In many instances, Fall Prevention Programs have not been effective because the attitude and commitment of the hospital workers. You should therefore look at this as a starting point for you to be able to establish a successful program. As the leader of the program, you will need to give all your support and encouragement. In relation to this then is ensuring that there is comfortable working environment and relevant equipment.

Overall, the staff needs to be trained on how to offer and facilitate the program comprehensively.

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