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How to Enjoy the Summer without the Heat

By brian barrick
August 22, 2013

August is typically the hottest month of the year and a time to enjoy the indoors.  The risk of heat stroke amongst Senior Citizens increases as the heat outdoors increases.  The importance of maintaining good health and staying cool is vital when the temperatures rise outside.  Residential Homes are always looking for new ideas and ways to help their Residents beat the heat without becoming ill.  The following information provides some ideas for Resident Activities.

Resident Activities to Enjoy the Summer without the Heat

  • Ice Cream Social:  Have an Ice Cream Social for the residents of the home.  Everyone loves ice cream and what better way to beat the heat than eating ice cream.
  • Water Balloon Toss:  One of the best things about Summer is getting wet.  Place plastic tarps on the floor and allow the residents to toss the balloons gently back and forth.
  • Luau:  A Hawaiian Luau is a great way to enjoy the Summer indoors.  Play Hawaiian music and give leis to the residents.  Then have fresh fruit and some fruit drinks to make a perfect Luau come to life.
  • Camp Out: Summer is the perfect time to hold an indoor camping party.  Pitch a few tents for decoration and sleeping bags.  Tell stories and sing some songs around a fake fire.  Then to make the camping experience complete, make microwave S ‘mores for the residents to enjoy.

There are many ways to enjoy a summer without having to get outside in the heat.  The fun times can be enjoyed inside just as easily at outdoors. Residential homes can provide a sense of family when there is no one left to care for a loved one.  The companionship provided by the home is a wonderful blessing to lonely people.  The activities are very important to maintain enjoyment and participation.  They provide exercise and entertainment for the residents.  The health of the residents is also important.  The heat can be fatal to an older person.  Staying indoors is vital when the temperatures rise.  Using the activities above will help the residents to maintain good health during the Summer without the heat.  They will also make them feel as if they are outdoors.  The more emphasis placed on each activity will bring with it more enjoyment, involvement, and excitement.  Make the most of each activity to bring a smile to every resident who participates.  Beat the Heat, bring Summer Indoors.

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