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How to Create an Employee Profile

By brian barrick
July 23, 2013

Creating an employee profile for each individual that works at your assisted living center, helps you keep track of important details. In general, it should include the employee’s name and address, phone number so that you can contact them outside of work in emergencies.  This document should contain the employee ID, job division, department, supervisor, and a description of the job duties.

A description of the job duties and what is expected will give you a tool to measure the employee. For a medical facility any degrees, training or certification should be listed. Do they have a license for the job they are doing? A profile helps recognize employees and award the ones that go the extra mile. If you have more than one facility, listing the work location is important. You should list their social security number and salary or weekly pay. What is the status of the employee are they a supervisor, employee, or manager. What are the hours and benefits if any?

List the skills that the employee needs to perform the job. An example, is the ability to lift and feed patients, deliver medications in an organized timely manner, and perform housekeeping Do they need a certain level of education or experience for the job. Mention how the job is evaluated and by whom. A more skilled position will need a longer and more detailed description. Assisted living employees range from aides to mangers, so a job profile will help you monitor your employees better.

Often a profile will break down a complex job into duties and the percentage of time spent performing tasks. If it is a physical job it may require that the person be in good physical shape to perform the job. Listing the physical task helps you evaluate the person when interviewing. It should include the date hired and a detailed work history. These are some general rules for writing employee profiles for assisted living center.

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