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How to Create a Disaster management plan

By brian barrick
April 04, 2013

Disasters can be very devastating.  With everybody more concerned about the global climate change, it is important to also put in place adequate measures to ensure that when these calamities strike, you will be properly prepared. Earthquakes and floods have become a common occurrence around the world. Special attention should be given to the specialized facilities that take care of the old, the sick or the disadvantaged people. An adult family home is a typical example of a facility that should well guard against any disaster.

A disaster management plan relates to how the concerned people can mobilize all the resources and tasks to ensure that when disasters strike, the affected people can be evacuated with ease and taken to safety. An adult family home is made up of people who are not related but stay under the safe roof. This is usually the case so that they can receive treatment or they can be taken care of.  Adequate measures therefore should be taken to ensure to ensure people living such facilities can be taken to safety.

A disaster management plan involves deliberate measures for prevention, preparedness, relief and recovery.


Disaster prevention

This is relates to all activities and measures geared towards ensuring that environmental disasters do not occur. Factory fires and accidents should be tamed as much as possible. However, natural disasters that cannot be prevented should be anticipated and measures taken to ensure their impacts are not very great.


Disaster preparedness

Any adult family home should have adequate measures to ensure that disasters do not have huge impacts on the lives of people affected.  Such measures include evacuating people from the risk areas or have counter mechanisms to reduce such impacts.  Any adult home should have an escape route that will ensure easy evacuation.



Disaster relief

The disaster relief measures include all the activities directed to helping the affected live a normal life. This relates to food supplies and relocation measure to ensure that your home and the people involved are well taken care of after such disasters.

Disaster recovery

The recovery plans are geared towards ensuring that losses suffered are restored. Destroyed homes should be rebuilt and lost property restored. These plans are necessary to ensure people are restored to resume their normal lives.

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