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How to Choose Care for your Loved Ones

By brian barrick
February 13, 2013

Assisted living facilities can be beneficial to the elderly because they have the equipment and modified facilities needed for the diminished mobility of the elderly patient. Generally, most assisted care facilities are well staffed and prepared for any emergency that may arise.  It is important for a family to research a facility to make sure the care is appropriate for their loved one.

24 hour Home Care can be 24 hour by a paid caregiver, or divided between a caregiver and a family member.  The limitations of the caregiver or family member’s training can be detrimental to the patient cared for. Many times the condition of the patient might call for modifications to the patient or family member’s home. This might not be affordable and not performed. A small modification such as front steps into the home to a ramp, if not performed could lead to a fall and therefore an emergency.  The patient would have to wait for medical help to arrive, which might complicate care. An assisted living facility has equipment for lifting immobile patients and special equipment for showering etc. This might not be the case for 24 hour home care.

Financial planning for either option is important, because Medicare has specific rules for long term care. It is important to make sure caregivers and facilities have proper insurance and credentials prior to placing your loved one under such care.

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