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How Many Caregivers per Residents is Enough?

By brian barrick
November 06, 2013

What is the number of caregivers required in assisted living facilities per resident? The more caregivers the assisted living facility has, the better the care will be, but this is rule of thumb and not a legal requirement. However, the Assisted Living Federation of America also known as ALFA leaves the number of staffing levels very flexible. This is to enable every facility to decide for themselves how many caregivers they need per resident.

If you are worried that a family member or friend isn’t receiving proper treatment or is being mistreated due to the quality of care given, the ALFA suggest staffing requirements should be sufficient and adequate to meet the needs and desires of the resident population.

Unfortunately in the majority of states, housing regulations also do not stipulate a staff to resident ratio. With the exception of some specialty units, providing care to dementia and Alzheimer memory care. There are legal requirements and regulations concerning twenty four hour staffing. Assisted living facilities are entitled to make security background checks, educational checks and experience checks for all staff members.

If you are concerned for a relative or family member or wish to know more about rules and state regulations concerning assisted living facilities you should contact your local area agency on aging.

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