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How a Home Care Agency for Alzheimer’s Care Can Support Families

By brian barrick
October 08, 2013

Most people do not fully understand how devastating it can be when a family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The signs that a loved one may be in the beginning  stages of the condition are subtle, and family members often overlook them or look for other reasons for the confusion and memory lapses. When a positive diagnosis is finally given, the pressures and stress on supporting family members can be overwhelming.

Home care agencies that specialize in caring for Alzheimer’s patients are able to provide the support and assistance to the primary caregivers of people who are affected by this confusing and devastating condition. Although there are many advantages to the patient of continuing to live in a home that is familiar to them, the continual demands on the caregiver often becomes too much for them to handle.

Workers from home care agencies not only help caregivers by  assisting  in the care of an Alzheimer’s patient, but they also offer guidance and information about how best to deal with the most common symptoms of the disease. It is important for the primary caregiver to get out of the home occasionally, and home care agencies typically schedule regular breaks for the caregiver. A specially trained home care worker remains in the home with the patient, and a nurse may use this time to perform a basic health check and update records. Additional help may be needed on a regular basis to bathe the patient and provide necessary personal care if the caregiver is not strong enough to perform these tasks alone.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects different people in different ways. Some patients are merely confused, but relatively compliant while other patients can be difficult and even aggressive at times. As the disease progresses, it is essential that caregivers and family members have access to the information and assistance necessary to provide the best care possible to the patient. Families that have the support of a specialized home care agency are able to care for their loved ones in their own home longer, and sometimes the patient is able to remain at home without needing to be moved to another facility at all.

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