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Holiday Activities for Your Residents

By brian barrick
January 05, 2012

Since we are coming out of the holiday seasons and on to Easter in a few months, I thought it would be good to share some holiday activities for you and your residents to enjoy. To make this easier to follow here are some ideas of holidays and what you can do with your residents:

  • For Valentine’s Day your home can hold a dance for the residents and their dates.
  • For Easter Sunday your home can have an Easter egg hunt for the resident’s grandchildren.
  • For mother’s day and father’s day your home can have a special luncheon with the children and grandchildren of the residents.
  • For the fourth of July, the residents can watch the fireworks assembly.
  • For Labor Day, your home could hold a picnic for your residents and family.
  • On Halloween, children in your community can come to the home and trick-or-treat door to door with the residents.
  • For Veterans Day your home can take some time to remember all the veterans and thank the ones that are in your home.
  • On Thanksgiving you could have a Thanksgiving meal available for the residents.
  • On Christmas you could have a nice meal for the residents and have some Christmas movies playing.

Holidays are a time to be surrounded by love and joy so these are just a few ways to put a smile on the resident’s faces and in their hearts.

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