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Help Residents Find new Friends

By brian barrick
February 21, 2012

            Sometimes residents feel like they do not belong in your facility and they just feel lonely, and no one enjoys feeling that way so why not find something where your residents can relate to one thing and discuss it, how about a discussion group? This would be a great way for your residents to meet each other and find out their interests and may even make some friends. After all, if your residents don’t have any visitors, they may feel like they have no one, so a friend would be very beneficial to them.

            First you will need to have a sign up paper where your residents can write what discussion group they would like to have and have other residents makes a mark next to it if they would like this as well. This will let you know which ideas are more popular than others which can then lead you to making a time for the discussion groups and posting it for your residents. During the discussion group it would be beneficial for one of the staff members to research the topic so they can help start the discussion, and then the rest is sitting back and enjoying the discussion.

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