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Healthy Eating for Elderly

By brian barrick
August 02, 2012

For the elderly population, the benefits of healthy eating include:

  1.  Amplified mental acuteness
  2. Iimmunity to illness and disease
  3. Ggreater energy levels
  4. Rrapid recuperation times
  5. Enhanced management of chronic health problems

Women who are over 50 that are not physically active need to consume about 1600 calories, somewhat physically active need 1800 calories, very physically active need 2000 calories a day. Men who are over 50 and not physically active need 2000 calories, somewhat physically active need 2200-2400, very active needs about 2400-2800. Your body needs the correct amount of fruit, vegetables, calcium, grains, protein, water, vitamin B, and Vitamin D. Eldery individuals should reduce sodium intake, enjoy good fats, add fiber, avoid bad carbs, look for hidden sugar, cook smart, and put five colors on your plate during a meal. By eating healthy as an older adult, you will notice a change in your physical and emotional health.

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