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Hanukkah Traditions

By brian barrick
November 19, 2012

We cannot expect everyone in your Assisted Living Facility to celebrate just Christmas in December. There are so many different traditions around that time of year, and though we cannot cater to all of them, Hanukkah is another holiday that many celebrate. Hanukkah includes a symbolic form of light and is commemorated over eight days and nights, usually starting about one week before Christmas Day. The primary symbol of Hanukkah, the menorah, which consists of eight individual lights, is very much a part of the mainstream. Preparing elaborate meals including latkes, sufganiyots, loukomades, dairy and pretzels is a popular part of this holiday. A game that many Jewish people play during Hanukkah is dreidel. The dreidel is a 4-sided spinning top, which consists of a distinct Hebrew letter on each side. In America, the letters stand for “A Great Miracle Happened There”. Among other traditions of Hanukkah, the gift giving tradition is growing popular with the passing time. It is actually a new concept that has evolved out of the gelt giving tradition of the Jews. In the past, the children were tested about their knowledge on Hanukkah. Now that you have a little insight about Hanukah, get out there and celebrate it with your residents.

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