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Guidelines to Incident Reporting

By Heather Brown
September 03, 2014

The organization should have established guidelines to give staff some direction as to which types of events are reportable and the procedures for doing so. A written policy should also identify those events which would be considered critical events and might require a more extensive follow-up. The following list of reportable events, while not all inclusive, should be considered:

  • Falls (both patient and visitor)
  • Burns
  • Medication errors
  • Adverse or allergic drug reactions
  • Patient refusing treatment
  • Unplanned absence of caregiver
  • Patient elopement
  • Failure of patient and/or caregiver to perform procedure as taught
  • Mishaps due to faulty equipment
  • Mishaps due to misuse of equipment (user error)
  • Patient or family complains of alleged theft
  • Failure of patient/family to use on-call emergency plan
  • Failure of staff to report accident-causing hazard in home
  • Unplanned return to inpatient setting
  • Breakage or damage to personal property of patient or family
  • Abuse/neglect of patient or allegations of sexual misconduct
  • Failure to respond in a timely fashion to patient or family request for assistance, information, or treatment
  • Patient/family complaints
  • Thefts of organization equipment, such as laptops
  • Security incidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents

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