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Fun & Safe Spring & Summer Activities for your Residents

By brian barrick
April 24, 2013

As spring and summer rolls around you need to start thinking of fun outdoor activities to plan for the residents in your adult foster home. The weather is most likely going to be beautiful all through and this is a great time to be outdoors!

A little bit of sunshine and fresh air could create a world of difference in how healthy a person is and how positively they view life and your residents are not an exception. The following are some ideas of things you can plan to make this spring and summer an enjoyable time for them.

1.       Go for an outing

Staying in an adult foster home all day every day can get depressing. Break the monotony of this by planning a fun outing for the residents. It can be something as simple as paying a visit to your local park and having a picnic there, or going to the ball park to catch a game.

This will be a good way for the residents to interact with one another and to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. It is also sure to be exciting for them as they will be doing something that is quite out of their ordinary routine.

2.       Hiking and berry picking

This is something most of the residents must have done when they were younger and it is sure to bring back fond memories. The best part is that you can plan it in such a way that all the residents can take part, even those who are physically challenged. Simply choose easy trails for them to follow and have the ones who cannot really hike be the ones to sort out the berries that the others bring.

The physical exercise will be great for them and they are certainly going to enjoy snacking on the berries they picked (after they have been washed of course!)

3.       Gardening

You can volunteer with your residents at a local park to do some gardening. This is a great way to spend a day because not only will they get the benefits of being outdoors, but they will also feel much better about themselves as they will be helping out the community. This is also an activity that each resident can take part in easily.

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