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Fun Activities for Residents

By brian barrick
July 24, 2013

There are plenty of fun filled resident activities for you to do that are both safe and easily accessible. With these ideas to get you started you will never be short of something to do over the summer.


The beach is a great free resource to take a stroll along, go swimming, or even build yourself a giant sand-castle in this fun filled day out.


Get to know the local area and explore it by going on a sightseeing tour. You never know what’s on your back doorstep until you go and find out.


Some summer jogging is wonderful for seeing some scenery, whilst keeping yourself fit and healthy too.


Everyone loves mini-golf as it’s fun game for people of all skill levels. Grab an ice-cream and hit the course for a game of all ages.

Go for a picnic

A picnic is a nice healthy way to enjoy the summer air either by yourself, or maybe even with some friends as well.

Do some night-time stargazing

With the clear night air why not go for a walk outside and witness the starry skies. Just make sure to go somewhere you don’t get too much light pollution.

Visit the park

Visiting the park and taking a stroll can be a fun way of meeting other people, or even just relaxing on the grass with a good book.

See a band

Live music is always perfect for catching up with your favorite group, for both some dancing and relaxing to.

Play a sport

Maybe some tennis could be just the thing for that bright sunny day. Friendly, fun and a great way to spend the day outside with your friends.

Go for a swim

This doesn’t mean jumping in the deep end, but maybe just take a paddle in the sea. There are also plenty of pools catering to everyone, whatever level your swimming skills are at.

As you can see there are plenty of resident activities to keep you going throughout the summer. With some spare time and lots of energy, you will never be short of opportunities to keep you busy. Have fun!

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