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Free Resources for Assisted Living Facilities

By brian barrick
February 19, 2014

There are several free online resources for assisted living facilities for people who need help and advice. There is a wealth of help and advice out there and it can all be found at a press of a button:
Guide One Risk Resource
Guide one risk provide consultation services and are clinical experts for health care. They have easy to follow solutions for your risk management issues. If you are unable to find the resources you need during a web search Guide One will help you.
Guide One can provide risk management education that is necessary to put in place  effective procedures to safeguard your assisted living facility, and they are dedicated to offering resources to assist you. Website
Assisted Living Federation of America
Assisted Living Homes provide free literature on a host assisted living facilities issues. For example, what questions asked before moving into assisted living facilities. Website address:
New LifeStyles Online
New LifeStyles Online: Senior Living and Senior Care. New LifeStyles Online is a guide to senior living, senior care, assisted living facilities. You can ask for a free directory for your area. New Life Styles Online is the perfect resource for senior living and care options. Website address:
Assisted Living and residents with Dementia.
On this organization’s website you can register and log in for free resources regarding living assisted facilities with a particular focus on people suffering from the affects of dementia. Website address:
Residential Care | Caregiver Center | Alzheimer’s Association
Assisted living facilities may or may not offer services specifically designed for your needs.  This website has a  Alzheimer’s Navigator™. This is a free online free tool to guide you. You can also use their free Community Resource Finder to search for local residential care facilities. Website address:

Wellness Resource Room – Assisted Living Facilities
Wellness Resource website is to provide individuals and their families with the information they need when considering a assisted living facility. The website offers a free online assisted living finder to assist you to find the right assisted living facility for your particular needs. Website address:

With a little bit of time and effort one will find a wealth of free resources on the Internet covering most issues one encounters when looking for information regarding assisted living facilities.

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