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Food Safety In Your Facility

By brian barrick
May 08, 2012

There are many food codes to make sure that your assisted living facility is staying legal and sanitary with food. Although these guidelines are long and precise, the can become a basis for establishing best practices in your assisted living facility. Guidelines F-325 and F-371 are listed below, but make sure to research all you can to make sure that you understand exactly what they are stating:

  • F-325: To meet this regulation the facility must attain food that is approved by Federal, State and local authorities for resident consumption, and follow appropriatesanitation and food handling practices to prevent food-borne illnesses.
  • F-371: To make sure that you are not cited for inproper sanitation and food-handling, you should know the definitions of these words, cross-contamination, danger zone, dry storage, food contamination, food service/distribution, food borne illness, highly susceptible population, pathogen, potentially hazardous food (PHF), ready-to-eat food, storage, and toxins.
  • F-Tag 371: This guideline focuses on food borne illness that come about because of lack of personal hygiene, inadequate cooking, and improper food handling.  To relieve these problems, F-Tag 371 has 4 general guidelines; correct food handling & preparation, employee health, hand washing, gloves & antimicrobial gel, and hair restains/jewelry/nail polish.

Policies and procedures should be in place to avoid all citations, food-borne illnesses, and improper sanitation and handling of food. All assisted living facilty staff must be trained and sign proper forms to authorize that they will follow the proper procedures for food safety. To make sure that you have the proper procedures, you should check with the CMS and FDA to see if they updated any guidelines. These survey are assesed at your assisted living facilities to try to lessen the number of food-borne illnesses and any sanitation problems that may affect your residents.

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