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First Aid Kits: What Your Personal Care Home Should Include in their Kits

By brian barrick
July 15, 2013

A properly stocked first aid kid should be stored in every personal care home. In fact, large facilities should maintain several kits so the staff can always have quick and easy access in case of an accident. Make sure that your staff knows where to find these basic medical supplies and establish a routine to keep them stocked. Nobody should have to waste time searching for urgent care supplies when an employee or resident needs assistance.

What Should Be Included in a Well-Stocked First Aid Kit for a Personal Care Home? 

You can purchase commercial kits. However, these purchased kits probably have to be restocked and checked from time to time. It may make more sense to make your own kits.

  • Creating your own kit can save money, especially if you need several to place in different areas of the personal care home.
  • Buying larger quantities of supplies will give you the ability to restock your kits.

If you decide to purchase a commercial kit or create your own, there are some basic supplies that need to be included. The American Red Cross suggests an assortment that will probably serve you will in most emergencies. These supplies are fairly inexpensive, but can greatly increase the comfort of any staff member or resident who gets injured.


This should include as assortment of adhesive bandages to handle minor injuries. Roller bandages can be used to wrap joints in case of a sprain. Several gauze pads and compresses might complete your stock of bandages. Of course you will need to scissors to cut pads and rolled bandages to the right size.


Antiseptic wipes are handy for small cuts. Ointment or spray should also be included for larger injuries. Hydrocortisone ointment is not an antiseptic, but can bring relief in case of a minor skin irritation.

Pain Killers

You might include aspirin or an aspirin substitute. Topical pain killers can also be purchases that ease discomfort from minor burns or skin irritations.

Extra Supplies 

A thermal blanket, tweezers, and cold compresses could complete your kit. A simple first aid instruction guide might also be handy.

Get First Aid Kits Right Away

If your personal care home lacks first aid kits, be sure and stock them right away. If you already have kits, be sure to make sure they are well stocked. Also make sure that your staff knows where to find them.

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