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Firework Safety at Assisted Living Facilities

By brian barrick
June 26, 2012

Senior citizens love the fireworks displays on Independence Day just as much as the kids. It is a sign of celebration for our independence.  If you are planning to have a fireworks display at your Assisted Living Facility consider following these IMPORTANT safety tips:

  • Launch the fireworks far away from your facility with no flammable materials around items such as bushes, tree’s, etc.
  • Keep your residents a safe distance away from the display.
  • Never let your residents handle any of the fireworks including sparklers.
  • Aim the fireworks away from any buildings or structures.
  • Keep a safe distance from the fireworks, you never know what direction they will go in.
  • Only buy legal fireworks for your state.
  • When the fireworks are finished, soak them all in a bucket of water before throwing them out.

Following these tips will help you in preventing injuries, and you will get to see your residents faces get big smiles and glowing eyes as they watch the firework display.

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