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Fire Safety In Your Facility

By brian barrick
May 15, 2012

Every day we sit on the news, another home or building has been destroyed by an uncontrollable fire.  These stories are saddening and often depressing.  Make sure your adult care home is protected  or at least well-trained in the event there is a fire.  All healthcare workers must know the facility’s Fire Emergency Plan, the location of fire pull/call boxes, the location of and how to use a fire extinguisher, places of safe shelter and evacuation procedures, all  must comply with the adult care home Smoking Policy.

Use the R.A.C.E. protocol which stands for Rescue/Remove, Alarm, Confine, and Extinguishers. You must be able to rescue/remove bed ridden or ill residents and semi-ambulatory residents. If you see smoke or fire use the fire emergency pull station or call box, don’t use elevators, close all doors, and listen for the all-clear code. Confine the area of the fire, this means closing doors and windows when there is a fire to prevent the smoke from spreading. Attempt to extinguish only small fires with the appropriate extinguishers.

P.A.S.S. is another abbreviation to remember with fire safety, but this time it is used as instructions for an extinguisher. This stands for Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep. Pull the pin from the extinguisher handle at the top of the extinguisher, take 3 steps back and aim the horn at the base of the fire, squeeze the top handle to the bottom handle, sweep the nozzle from side to side across the flames. By following these fire safety guidelines your facility and your residents will be prepared and safe.


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