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Fire Drills: Why Are they Important?

By brian barrick
October 25, 2012

Fire drills may seem like a waste of time because we would like to think everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire. When a fire actually happens, it is another story. Your mind will be racing as you try to remember all of the steps, glancing quickly to look for exits and panicking at the thought of not getting out in time. If you don’t know what to do to ensure your safety or freeze in scary events, your life could be in danger. It is imperative for your personal care home or assisted living facility to do fire drills and prepare for disaster.

Fire drills ensure that all of your family members, staff and residents know what to do in case of a fire. Fire drills help you prepare your evacuation route and plan for unforeseen things like fallen debris or fire blocking certain areas. Drills get you ready for disaster so if there was a real fire these things would not put you into a panic. If you are leading a fire drill, remember to stay calm and collected. If an actual fire were to break out, you will be more inclined to be calm and help others if you practice it. A fire can break out at day or night so it is best to plan for both of these times.

It is also important to be serious when doing fire drills. Though it is only a drill, it can one day save your life. As you go through the motions with others, treat it like it there is a real fire. Know your personal care home’s escape routes and show them to others during the drill step by step. Have alternate escape routes as well in case those are blocked off by debris.

During fire drills people don’t think of the little things that might throw them off in the event of a real fire. They may stop what they are doing to grab purses and personal items. This can take up time and risk their life in the end. People with disabilities cannot move around like others and might need more assistance. Someone might go looking for someone else or a pet taking away valuable time. Getting off track even by a few seconds can endanger your life.

Assisted living Facilities deal with a vulnerable population, making the need to provide proper protection for residents more than the normal standard of care.  Should a fire occur at your facility, many things may occur including confusion by the residents and slower than normal escape to a safe location resulting from the normal aging process and the situation.  We need to be prepared to provide the residents with proper assistance to a safe location contain the fire and obtain assistance in containing or extinguishing the fire safely.

Proper fire safety training can be obtained by contacting your local fire company.  This training should occur at least once a year.  In addition the fire evacuation route should be reviewed and all fire extinguishers tested.

Fire drills take only a few minutes. These minutes could one day save your life. Fire drills should be done once a month to ensure the details are always on the top of your mind. This will help alleviate panic if a fire actually does happen. By doing monthly fire drills, your personal care home or assisted living home should be ready for a fire at all times.

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