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By Heather Brown
October 26, 2014

Falls and related injuries are major concerns among old people living in assisted living facilities. Falls result in injuries such as fractures of the hip and the leg. There are many factors that make the elderly vulnerable to falls, including lack of balance, unsteady gait, poor vision, medications, muscle muscles, and medications all count toward this problem.

External factors such as poorly fitting shoes, clutter, loose rugs, unstable beds, poorly maintained toilets may cause falls in assisted living centers. The management can adopt various mechanisms to prevent falls in frail older people and help deal with a number of predisposing factors.

Installing non-skid mats on the floors can significantly prevent accidental falls, especially outside of gated areas within an assisted living facility.

Beginning a workout plan for seniors has been found to manage falls. Therefore, arranging for workout hours that should run for at least six months has shown to be an effective strategy of reducing resident falls and minimizing injuries among the old.

Understanding the medical condition of your residents is the first step toward managing falls among people with old age. People suffering with diabetes are more likely to suffer foot and leg injuries since they do not have as good balance compared to those without this condition. These are among ways assisted living facilities can help prevent falls.

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