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Falls can Happen Anywhere

By Heather Brown
October 08, 2014

It may be the smallest room in your facility, but the bathroom is BIG on danger. 30% of individuals over the age of 65 fall in a given year. With outrageous numbers like that, we all need to make sure the tiny room is the safest room in your facility. There is water, electricity, sharp corners, internal locks and perhaps drugs, all lying in wait for victims. But a few simple precautions will defeat them:

  1. Keep a non-slip mat in the bath and shower (and on the bathroom floor if it’s polished or slippery)
  2. Only plug in electrical items when you use them. Then remove and replace with plastic outlet protectors.
  3. Install grab bars beside the bath and inside shower enclosures.
  4. Ensure towel rails are firmly fitted. Check them regularly
  5. Fit door locks that can be opened from the outside in emergency.

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