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Falling On Ice: Injury Care And Prevention

By brian barrick
October 03, 2013

Along with the arrival of winter comes the risk of falling on ice and sustaining an injury. Back and hip injuries are common along with pulled of strained muscles.

Fall Related Injuries

Pulling a muscle after a slipping on ice may cause muscle pain. If you were lucky enough to catch yourself in the middle of a slip you may still have pulled a muscle. When falling suddenly the muscles do not have any time to react and tense suddenly resulting in a strain.

Falling on ice is the main cause of tail injuries. One can bruise, or fracture the bone at the base of the spine when you fall on it.

Falls are the main cause of tailbone injuries. One can fracture, dislocate, or bruise this bone at the base of the spine after a fall. Another area of injury is the sacroiliac joints. These joints are found where the large hip bone connects to the sacrum at the base of the spine. Hard falls can jar the spine causing a slipped disc.

Fall prevention education

Fall prevention education is important, and a typical approach is a minor muscles strain is to rest and gently stretch when one feel able to exercise the injured area. Depending on the injury a strain could take anywhere between a day or two to several weeks to heal.

Injuries to the tailbone require ice to reduce swelling and inflammation. Apply ice for approximately twenty minutes four times a day. Usually, injuries to the tailbone heal in a week or two. Rarely, is there chronic or surgery needed.

Ice can help with sacroiliac injuries to ease the pain. It is important to rest so not to overload the injured joint during healing. However, extended rest can cause stuffiness.

Fall prevention education is important although some injuries heal on their own accord.  Some disc injuries can heal on their own accord but a misaligned vertebra is likely to require osteopathic manipulation, therapy and exercise. In all cases if the pain persists it is important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.


Wearing suitable foot wear with deep tread is ideal. Deep tread will increase the amount of traction on a slippery surface. It is possible to buy ice cleats which attach to regular footwear. Education in back pain is the best form of self-preservation.

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