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Fall Prevention Measures Taught In Prevention of Falls Training

By brian barrick
October 10, 2013

It is no secret that older adults are more prone to falls. As a result, those who fall may suffer from serious injuries because of their advanced age. In order to reduce your facility’s liability and other risks, it is important to implement a fall prevention education program for your employees and your residents.

Creating a Plan

While preventing falls is the responsibility of all your facility’s employees, a team should be established to implement a training program. An assessment should be made of the facility that will identify potential risks that should be remedied immediately.

Information that can be used in developing training materials can be obtained from government organizations such as the Center for Disease Prevention (CDC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This information can also be used in developing your facility’s Fall Prevention Resolution that outlines your efforts to prevent falls.

Effective Fall Prevention Training

This training should teach your employees to:

  • Recognize and address conditions within your facility that may increase the risk of falls among your residents
  • Learn how to safely assist and move residents in order to prevent falls
  • Be aware of risk factors such as vision, medication side effects, loss of sensation, and diseases that may increase the risk of falls
  • Recognize when residents should begin using mobility devices, including canes, walkers, wheelchairs or scooters

When educating your residents about falls, discuss:

  • Any concerns they may have about their mobility Side effects of any medications they may be taking
  • Asking for assistance when needed
  • Regular maintenance of their mobility devices
  • Wearing appropriate footwear and clothing to prevent falls

By implementing a fall prevention education program for your employees and residents, you can reduce falls within your facility. This will help keep your insurance costs in check and prevent possible serious injuries to your residents.

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