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Exclusive Worker’s Comp Program for Adult Residential Care Communities!

By Heather Brown
November 20, 2014

“WORKERS’ COMPENSATIONS PROGRAM FOR ONLY ADULT RESIDENTIAL CARE COMMUNITIES is being offered exclusively through PCALIC, LLC.  Through an exclusive arrangement with PMA, PCALIC makes available to assisted living facilities, personal care homes, adult foster care, community based residential care facilities and other like adult residential care communities a new and exclusive workers’ compensation program.  A recent facility saved over $6,000, that in excess of 10% of their prior cost for workers compensation insurance.  Of course the price savings that facilities can benefit from are awesome, however, the best benefit are the special programs placed together through PCALIC to reduce and maintain low premiums for participating facilities.  The <strong>added bonus</strong> is improved employee morale and an excellent think tank dedicated to helping adult residential care communities minimize and control their workers’ compensation insurance costs.”

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  1. Hello, we are a 40 bed arf in Anaheim California. We employ 6 staff members not including shareholders. Have been with statefund since business was established 24 years ago. Please provide us with a quote, we are searching for more affordable coverage.
    Thank you,

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