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Employee Dishonesty – Protect your Residents

By brian barrick
November 06, 2012

An adult foster home can flourish under great direction, aided by good, honest employees. While state and federal compliance are major administrative aspects of operating a good home, these are not the components that matter the most. The heart and soul of a stable, caring foster home is the people that live there. Without its residents, a home cannot be a home at all.

Providing a safe environment is imperative for adult foster homes. Part of safeguarding this setting is choosing the right employees to uphold high standards and ensure healthy living for your residents. Adult foster homes are communities and everyone has a part in ensuring that home is a good place to be. An untrustworthy employee can disrupt the foundation of secure environment and bring what a once-stellar operation to its knees, placing liability on management and other employees while disrupting resident progress and stability. No one wins in that type of situation. Compromising care in an adult foster home is a dangerous thing and not a risk you should be willing to take. A little footwork and time investment will help you find honest employees that help protect residents and keep them in safe hands.

Vetting Potential Employees

Employees that are dishonest about their pasts fly major red flags. Most states have regulations that require foster care facilities to conduct background checks on employees. Fingerprint checks and criminal database searches are both part of the backgrounding process. This is a great tool for employers, but nothing says that you cannot be more thorough than the state allows. You could perform background checks of your own. In many states, criminal histories and civil court proceedings are public record and free for you to search. Try searching surrounding states, especially places you know a current or potential employee has lived in before.

The Blame Game

Employees that are dishonest about their actions are ones to avoid. When employees are willing to lie about an incident or place blame on another employee or resident for something they have done, they sow seeds of household disharmony, inviting an elements of friction into an otherwise positive environment. This is where the adage ‘one bad apple can ruin the bunch’ comes into being. Happy residents are content and feel safe where they live. Good employees are responsible caretakers that have enough personal integrity to own up to a mistake. Dishonest employees breed negativity that can create a tense place to live and work.

Not a Good Fit

Sometimes employees are unwittingly dishonest. They just are not aware of their own temperaments or limitations. This sort of dishonesty that is more implicit because they deceive themselves and, indirectly, you as well. Certain people are not suited for caretaking, plain and simple. The needs of adult foster home residents vary from resident to resident. Some residents need a lot of supervision and extra care, and some do not. An ideal employee is prepared to cater to the needs of any resident. An employee without the proclivity to do so will not be up to this task. Employees that lack caretaking inclinations and skills inevitably fail the residents because they cannot meet the requisite needs.

A happy home is a good home and your residents deserve nothing less. Protect your residents and your reputation by avoiding unnecessary complications caused by dishonest employees.

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