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Employee Benefits Liability Insurance

By brian barrick
February 20, 2013

Employee Benefits Liability Insurance: Why Do you Need it?

Do you know someone that has lost everything they have worked for over a frivolous lawsuit? Are you an administrator or owner of an assisted living home?   Then you may want to read this and take some notes…

There are a few great reasons why you should have Employee Benefits Liability Insurance in an assisted living home. The first and most important is to fill that gap of liability, when your company offers health or group insurance to employees. You can get sued if your plans are not managed properly, and lose everything; you and your directors have worked very hard for. Let’s not let that happen.
Another fact is that these types of lawsuits are not always covered under general liability. So, this in itself presents a problem. Without Benefit Liability Insurance, what do you have to fall back on? We both know when you run an assisted living home, there are accidents and our employee’s can become ill.

You cannot go wrong with benefit liability insurance, you can sleep at night knowing, your business, property and employee’s are covered fully.    If you are one of those assisted living home business owners that may have never had a suit or accident, congratulations to you! However, you still may have a gap in coverage. It is important to take the time to check
over your existing coverage to see if your plans are current and covers just exactly what you, your employee’s and your business needs. There are times in the start-up process, we become overwhelmed and you may have missed something. What if the plans were not thorough or benefits were changed and cancelled and you were not notified. Do not make that mistake, it can cost you everything.

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