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Easter in Assisted Living During COVID-19

By Dalton Bowlin
April 03, 2020
Easter in Assisted Living During COVID-19

Simple ways to celebrate the Easter holidays during COVID-19.


Despite these uncertain and unprecedented times the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about, there is still celebration and joy to be found on the brighter side of things as the Easter holiday approaches. There are many fun activities that assisted living and residential care communities alike can take advantage of to spread some joy, love, and comfort during these difficult times. Here are a few fun activities to get everyone in your facility “eggcited” for Easter.

Bunny Ear Photos!

A quick Google search will provide you with countless examples of printable bunny ear templates and cut outs that will surely bring some laughs to your facility! When you find one you like, print and cut out an appropriate number of copies to hand out to your residents and staff. Once you’ve handed them out, snap a picture of individual residents and staff members to share on social media or around the facility to spread some laughs! You can even spread some laughs outside the facility by sending bunny-eared photos of residents to their loved ones via email or even assist a resident in facetiming their families while wearing the bunny ears!


Indoor Easter Egg Hunt!

Depending on your state and community size and status, there may be some varying social distancing restrictions that may prevent your facility from putting on an all-out Easter egg hunt for your residents. However, you can still have a “mini” Easter egg hunt inside your facility(s)! Get some fillable Easter eggs (various sizes are available and at your discretion) and fill them up with sugar-free candies and healthy snacks that are suitable for residents with various dietary needs. Once you have the eggs filled, place them in hidden spots inside facility buildings and encourage your residents to find them! Make sure to hide the eggs in places that are not too difficult to locate and are in spots that are easily accessible for all residents to get to. If there are residents that are restricted in movement and more confined to their rooms, you can also go to their rooms, have them close their eyes and count to a certain number while you quickly hide an egg in their room for them to find!


Get Crafty!

Easter crafts aren’t just for children! Getting residents active and involved with simple, easy-to-make Easter crafts is a great way to keep them occupied with some fun. Crafts like coloring in an Easter egg print out found on Google or drawing a decorative paper egg are simple crafts that you can provide to your residents to do on their own time or even in a small group. Another easy craft is to encourage residents to make hand-made decorative Easter cards to send to loved ones back home. More involved crafts like painting or dying eggs are great crafts as well, but they require a little more preparation and can be messy, so do these crafts at your discretion. For other ideas, hop on Pinterest and search for some senior-friendly Easter crafts and games!


Share Some Egg-celent Stories!

Holidays a great time to share stories and experiences with others, including Easter! Encourage your residents and staff to share some of their favorite past Easter memories and reflect on happy times. You can even go a step further and voice or video record a resident or staff member sharing a favorite Easter memory and share it on social media or share it with loved ones!


Celebrating the Easter holidays is going to be different this year, but there is still joy and happiness to be found all around. From small care homes to large assisted living and residential care communities, just keep on “hoppin” strong during this time by coming together as a community to spread joy, love, and happiness.



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