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Do you Have Visitors Sign In?

By brian barrick
July 22, 2013

In many public and private agencies such as schools, there is a policy in effect requiring visitors to sign in and out. It is for the protection and safety of the people within the agency. It’s important for the same policy to be implemented in assisted living facilities. It’s important to take every step possible in protecting the residents of your facility.

Often, the person sitting at the entrance or front desk of a facility is responsible for making sure everyone who enters the building signs in and out. In addition to a sign-in sheet, it’s important to see ID of visitors to make sure that they are who they say they are. Also, on the sign-in sheet, in addition to time in and time out and name of the visitor, most sheets ask for the reason of the visit whether it’s to visit a resident or if they are a vendor dropping off supplies.

Asking for their reason or destination within the facility can also help the person at the front desk direct the visitor to the correct location within the facility to prevent them from intruding on resident activities. Additionally, it helps the residents feel comfortable that strange people aren’t going to be allowed within the place that they reside – much like they wouldn’t in their own homes.

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