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Differences between Nursing Homes and ALF’s

By brian barrick
May 23, 2013

Everyone is bound to grow old at one time. When this happens, this individual needs appropriate care. The family of the senior person is usually faced with two major options. They can either take the person to an assisted living facility or to a nursing home. These two may seem quite similar but they are quite different.

Assisted living facility is for individuals who would want to maintain their independence but need assistance with a variety of daily tasks. These facilities usually act like a bridge between independent living and nursing homes. The elderly individuals in assisted living facilities do not want to live on their own however; they do not require the constant care given in nursing homes. In nursing homes, the patients usually need round the clock care. In the case for a continuing care facility, you can get a variety of elderly needs met at one place.

In nursing homes, you will find that the people in these places are usually very sick and need to be taking medications constantly. They may also need to be going for constant checkups to ensure that they are well. Some seniors may even be bed ridden such that they cannot do anything on their own. These places therefore offer their services to the elderly who have to have a nurse constantly checking up on them.

In most cases, an assisted living facility will usually work with outside healthcare providers to offer integrated home healthcare. The health plan provided by these outside health care providers is review regularly to make sure that residents in these facilities receive appropriate care as their condition changes.

Regulation of these two facilities also differs greatly. Nursing homes are actually regulated by the federal government. The federal government is therefore responsible for funding and provision of qualified staff. However, the assisted living facilities are regulated by the state. The differences in roles ensure that each facility receives the qualified staff members who can offer the right kind of care to these people.

Each of these two facilities is suitable for people with varied needs. If you have an elderly family member who may require assistance in doing various things but would want to maintain their independence, assisted living is the best option. In case however the elderly person is too weak and needs constant attention and care, a nursing home is the best option.

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