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Dangers of Mold

By brian barrick
May 10, 2012

Although droughts are very common right now in the US, there have been many storms that have caused water damage for homes across the United States. Water damage is not just a problem because of the stains, but mold can grow and infest homes as well. The water damage must be remediated fast and professionally to prevent mold. If this is not taken care of mold WILL grow, causing harm to your adult care home and residents.   

Molds can be very harmful to structures, but even more important, it can be damaging to you and your residents health. Mold grows so easily that all you need are organic food (wood, paper, fabric, etc.), temperature between 68-86 degrees F, and sufficient moisture. The only way to be sure that mold will not grow after water damage is to contact a restoration professional. MOLD WILL NOT GO AWAY ON ITS OWN.

The first warning that mold is growing is the musty “moldy” smell; even a small amount of mold can give off a major odor. This should not be ignored because of the risks, whether it is allergens or other compounds. A small amount of mold, such as mold in bathroom tiles, can usually be removed with special chemicals, but make sure that you dry the area completely after to prevent the mold from regrouping. If you do not feel comfortable handling the mold and if it is a large amount, then a restoration professional can come in and eliminate the mold and make sure that it does not spread to other areas of the building. After all of the work you want to make sure the water will not come back, so it is important to find the root of the water problem and make sure that it is fixed.

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