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Cyber Risks for Adult Foster Homes

By Heather Brown
November 15, 2014

There are going to be cyber-risks for any adult foster home that support residents in having an online capacity. The educational, recreational and practicality of having online options for adult residents outweigh the risks in-general.

This does not, however, remove the risks that cyber-hackers or other malevolent online abusers might present.

<b>Steps To Take To Reduce Cyber-Risks to an Adult Foster Home</b>
<li>Obtain the right tools to better-shield you and your assisted living home from cyber incidents and other claims</li>
<li>Utilize two proven methods to limit lengthy, stressful lawsuits</li>
<li>Secure a “Customized Insurance Protection Package” specific to your assisted living home</li>
Did you know statistics show that the defense of a lawsuit can be more costly than the settlement or award of the same lawsuit?

Responsible care home owners are taking the first steps to making certain they have proper insurance protection as soon as possible – the moment an exposure such as cyber bullies or online hacking or even forms of identity theft can be visited on any of your clients.

Click on the Rapid Quote button and complete our assisted living home <a id=”FALINK_1_0_0″ href=””>insurance quote</a>form for an accurate estimate of risk and value. Getting caught in a law suit with inadequate insurance coverage can not only be devastating – it can put you out of business.

If you are an administrator or an owner of:
<li>Personal care homes</li>
<li>Assisted living facilities</li>
<li>Adult family homes</li>
<li>Adult foster homes</li>
<li>Residential care facilities</li>
You should be certain you have secured adequate risk-management and insurance solutions. The devastation that can come from even one lawsuit regardless if you win this or not – makes a major difference in the long-term viability of your organization and business.

<b>Assisted Living Insurance for the Adult Foster Home</b>

Personal Care &amp; Assisted Living Insurance Center, LLC is a trusted partner with your assisted living or personal-care home. We are here to provide a complete review of all current insurance policies in order to better help identify any potential coverage gaps.

Our team also works attentively with yours to better-secure a comprehensive insurance protection plan. It will be specific to the exact needs of your adult foster home. We are here to help you sleep at night. You can avoid the risks and hazards of supporting your clients in online activity.

Complete our online <a href=””>adult care home insurance quote</a> form now – or call 800-673-2558 to speak with our client-service specialist <i>today!</i>

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