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Cupcake Decorating

By brian barrick
April 22, 2013

Cupcakes are a fad with today’s crowd. They are replacing cakes at weddings, birthday parties, graduations, and pretty much anywhere that you would have a cake at. People love cupcakes so much because there is no need to cut them like you would with a cake, you can have a couple different flavor cupcakes and frosting, they are easy to transfer, and, most important, they are fun to decorate. Some of your residents may have a passion for baking but are unable to cook for their loved ones anymore. Consider hosting a cupcake decorating activity at your Assisted Living Facility. You will need pre-made cupcakes, frosting, food coloring, fondant, sprinkles, and any other fun, edible treats that the residents can decorate their cupcakes with. Are there any holidays around the corner? Perhaps you could gear your cupcake decorating activity towards a certain holiday. Another suggestion would be to make the cupcakes and the frosting sugar free so all of your residents are able to enjoy them. Finally, pick a day to hold this fun activity, assist your residents in decorating there cupcake, and, best of all, invite everyone to enjoy one at the end.

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