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Creating a Valuable Fire Safety plan

By brian barrick
April 16, 2013

Running an assisted living home is no piece of cake. It is a job which curtails 24/7 vigilance. If a person staying on their own has an accident it’s their fault, but if the same person lives in a assisted living home and has the same type of accident then it’s the liability of the personnel of the assisted living home.

Thus every assisted living home not only needs to have a plan in place to meet any eventuality, but to have the employees and inmates aware and practice the do’s and don’ts in case of any emergency.

The following are some points that would help in drawing up a plan in case of a fire.

1. Reporting

Have floor plans on the doors of every resident’s room, clearly marking the spot or place where the fire alarms, fire extinguishers and hoses, exit corridors and exit stairs are located.

Telephone numbers of local police station, fire department, ambulance services, and utilities like electric, water and gas supplies, be put up in the administrative office, kitchen, etc.

Staff should be designated in each shift, to report and alert the authorities and take charge in an emergency.

2. Evacuation and Accountability

The different types of alarms be it voice or alarm bells to indicate evacuation of certain areas or whole building.

Evacuation of staff and inhabitants to safe areas, or out of the building and gathering in a certain spot and a procedure for accounting for the occupants and employees after the evacuation.

3. Emergency Response and Crowd Management

Outside the building the fire lane and hydrants be properly marked and no obstruction be allowed in front of them.

An administrative officer should be appointed to keep log of all emergency equipments, and see to their maintenance and upkeep and easy assimilate.

Employees need to be trained to the correct way of handling and using the emergency equipments.

Person in each shift, be it an appointed to help in administrating medical aid and rescue.

Procedures should be laid down to evacuate elders, handicapped personnel, etc.

4. Staff and Occupant’s training

Special staff action is provided from the time of admission of any personnel with special needs.

Staff should be periodically instructed of their responsibilities and duties in case of a fire especially for people with special needs.

Residents at time of admission should be made aware of emergency procedures and made to take part in every drill.

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