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Contract Service Providers

By Heather Brown
December 26, 2014

Take care to never represent the services of the Contracted Service provider or the Third Party Providers as if they are your own. If your brochure, website or other marketing material state “we have Physical Therapy, Nursing Services, Beauty Parlor, etc.”, you are implying that they are services of your facility. .

A safer way to state this would be “Physical Therapy, Nursing Services and a Beauty Parlor are provided in the facility by Contracted Service Providers or Third Party Providers, who visit the facility.” .

In addition, it is recommended that Rules and Policies for Contract Service Providers be created and signed by the Contract Service Provider to help protect the resident and the facility from a Contract Service Provider failing to provide good services and assure their compliance with facility policies. The rules make the Contracted Service Provider responsible for meeting the residents and facilities necessary needs. .

Always allow the resident to choose their Contract Service Provider, as these are independent of the facility. To obtain a sample copy of the following simply logon to and click on resources on the right hand menu to find: .

  • Contract Service Provider Rules and Policies
  • Contract Service Provider Agreement
  • Contract Service Provider Resident Care Plan

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